Trends of Mobile Industry and Opportunities for Loyalty Programs

Trends of Mobile Industry and Opportunities for Loyalty Programs

We are back from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (#MWC17), inspired and excited more than ever. Here are some quick thoughts about the state and trends of Mobile Industry and opportunities for loyalty programs and for koomalooma.


Mobile Operators

It’s not a secret that Telecom Operators’ revenues are decreasing due to innovations from over the top players. Operators have used quite aggressive pricing towards their users to recover their investments in infrastructure. Sunil Mittal (Bharti CEO) says in his speech: Mobile Operator image is at an overall low, with reputation indices “trending just above the tobacco industry”.


Sunil Mittal MWC17 Keynote


Mobile carrier billing is still quite niche, compared to other payment systems. But this payment channel has quite some traction in micro-transactions and small recurring payments. In an effort to increase their share of transactions, Mobile Operators should evolve their payment services. It is not enough to reduce commissions to compete against other payment channels. Unbanked users and high conversion are the major benefits for merchants using carrier billing. Channel cost reduction is obviously still important. But, Mobile Operators should focus on increasing value to their customers that are using carrier billing as a payment method. Loyalty programs of course have been a key differentiator and value creator within the commoditized payments ecosystem (Think of credit cards and other more mature payment channels).

Koomalooma is a great solution for Mobile Operators since it does add value to the payment offer, without reducing conversion rates (thanks to our Retroclaim feature) which is the main selling proposition of carrier billing. Our cooperation with Onebip on carrier billing has delivered great results and we are keen to extend this further with operators.

If you are interested in learning more about koomalooma and carrier billing, get in touch with us here.


Mobile Financial Services

Mobile “Fintech” is not a trend anymore, it’s a reality. From mobile remittance towards emerging markets, to mobile wallets and NFC payments, some players have now demonstrated sustainable and growing businesses. Together with market leaders, there are many emerging competitors with innovative technologies are focusing on specific verticals or geographic markets.

Mobile wallets still need to totally demonstrate their added value for the user (compared to traditional stores). Loyalty programs and koomalooma are for sure a way to add value to Mobile Wallets and payment systems. If you are interested in learning how koomalooma can support mobile wallets, just drop us two lines on the contact form.


Mobile Advertising

Hall 8.1, (AKA “App Planet”), has become almost entirely a mobile ad network and monetization pavilion. Hundreds of companies in the App Planet are searching for traffic sources and showcasing their ad traffic monetization capabilities.


Trends in Mobile Industry and Opportunities for Loyalty Programs: App Planet Mobile World Congress 2017


New and emerging players presented their capabilities for specific verticals (e.g. games or apps) and for different engagement methods (e.g. videos). From Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM), to Cost per Click of the first days, offers have moved to “Performance Models”: Cost per Acquisition (CPA) and Cost Per Install. Now, Mobile advertisers are increasing their expectations in terms of performance. Acquiring users or installs is not enough. They are expecting better targeting and engagement of the audience. Advertisers are willing to pay a premium for users that actually use the product: “Cost Per Engagement”.

Rewarding your current app users for friend invitations (referrals) through a loyalty program can be a great way to set-up a viral campaign, attract users that are more in line with targeted user segments. Furthermore, depending on the incentives provided in the campaign this can be much cheaper than traditional CPI or CPA. Get in touch with us if you want to learn how to use koomalooma to set-up viral campaigns.



We have transitioned from a desktop interface, to a mobile interface and we are entering now a new phase. This new phase sees any object as a potential interface to the internet.



In this transition we see new businesses emerge in almost every possible industry, from fitness and health (wearables), to domotics, robotics and many others. With koomalooma… well we are not their yet. We are still preparing to serve this growing market. Have any ideas? Let us know.



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