koomalooma Lightspeed App

Loyalty App for the Lightspeed E-commerce Platform

koomalooma launches the beta version of its loyalty App for the Lightspeed E-commerce Platform at the Lightspeed Connect event in Utrecht. Lightspeed merchants can now offer koomalooma, the most frictionless loyalty program to their customers to increase retention and sales easily.


About Lightspeed Platform and Apps

Lightspeed an all-in-one eCommerce solution for independent retailers offering merchants an easy-to-use, yet highly customizable, solution that enables them to launch their online stores quickly and with minimal technical requirements. https://www.lightspeedhq.com/


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The Lightspeed E-commerce platform includes a marketplace for thirdparty Apps. These Apps can be easily installed and configured into Lightspeed stores, thus adding functionalities to increase conversions, sales and improve the user experience.


koomalooma Lighstpeed App

koomalooma has developed an App for the Lightspeed Platform that enables merchants to integrate the koomalooma loyalty and cashback system without any technical development or coding.


How it works

Lighstpeed shop owners can install and configure the app directly from the Lightspeed store (NO CODING REQUIRED, Takes 5 minutes, and it’s free).

The store will automatically start issuing the points to users for each purchase.

koomalooma manages the program for you, accounting the points and selecting, fulfilling and delivering the rewards across 80 countries.

koomalooma Lightspeed App


What makes the koomalooma App special:

  1. EFFORTLESS: Differently from all other loyalty Apps, koomalooma manages the program and delivers the rewards so you can concentrate on your business.
  2. RELEVANT AND REWARDING: We provide users with digital rewards including cashback and mobile data and air time across 400 mobile operators in 80 countries delivered over the air with instant gratification.
  3. RETROCLAIM™: is our proprietary technology allowing a totally frictionless points collection experience for the end user with no interruption of the purchase flow.


Koomalooma App for Lightspeed is in Beta

The koomalooma loyalty App for Lightspeed is now in beta. You can install it on your store by clicking on the following link: https://services.webshopapp.com/login/?redirect=/store/apps/1220/install

Feel free to contact us here after you install the beta. We will be happy to provide you some free points to test our app, in exchange for some valuable feedback.

If instead you prefer waiting for our commercial release version, please click here and leave us your email. You will be the first to know.

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