Launching Europe in Beta

Please excuse us for our silence. The past months we didn’t have much to say. “Nothing” was what was left on our weekly to-do lists. Zero were the “cards” that hadn’t gone into our “done” column on our scrum board at the end of our iterations. “Little” was worth sharing publicly while we were preparing our reward catalogs, designing our front ends, closing the requirements for the admin backends, testing our integration into our first partner or reviewing our end user terms.

Today instead we do have something to share and we are quite proud of it. Yes, we are launching Europe in Beta! In less than 6 months since incorporation our team has signed up an important partner (Onebip), designed, developed and released the Beta version of kooma·looma and is now ready to roll out in Europe starting from Switzerland, Turkey and Portugal.

We have selected these markets for different reasons. So first of all we need to take into account the nature of the business of Onebip our first partner, which is a mobile payment processor that has many important merchants, especially in the games industry, including Gameforge, Aeria Games and Good Game Studio. Considering the games market, Switzerland has very high spending users and mobile operators do not have low monthly or daily spending limits on mobile payments. Switzerland will allow us to understand up to what extent our system can impact spending behavior. We selected Turkey because it has a very young population, very tech savvy and also many gamers. We also liked Turkey because it has a very evolved loyalty program market. Turkish people are very aware of the benefits of loyalty programs and are quite keen in participating, so we wanted to test the effects of our program in this type of context. Lastly, the choice of Portugal instead has more to do with the purchase user experience on mobile payments and some optimizations we can make to improve the experience of collecting loyalty points.

So as it will be clear, we are still in Beta mode, our main goal is to learn as much as possible and our selection of first markets to roll out was more for learning purposes rather than strategic or market positioning reasons.


While we fine-tune the last things before going live, we will let our blog readers take the first peak into our product.



Mobile Catalog

koomalooma Mobile


Desktop Catalog

kooma·looma desktop preview