kooma∙looma at Gamescom 2016

We are just back from Cologne, and after one day of relax we are here to share the experience  of kooma∙looma at Gamescom 2016.

What is Gamescom

Gamescom is the biggest game trade fair in Europe. Hundreds of thousands of gamers from all over Europe gather in the Köln Messe to interact with their favourite games, to preview the newest releases and have lots of fun with fellow gamers.



The Gamescom also hosts a business sector, where the Game Industry (Game Developers, Publishers, Distributors etc.) and companies servicing the Game Industry (such as Payment Providers, Advertising Agencies and Networks) meet to introduce new products and develop or strengthen business relations.

Some Numbers of Gamescom 2016

  • Number of visitors: 345.000
  • of trade visitors: 30,500
  • Internationality of visitors: 97 countries
  • Exhibiting companies*: 877 (including 272 exhibitors and 11 additionally represented companies from Germany and 589 exhibitors and 5 additionally represented companies from abroad)
  • 2016: 68 percent share of foreign exhibitors from 53 countries
  • Exhibition space: 2016: 193,000 m²


Why  kooma∙looma at Gamescom

Following the great results we achieved with our AB Test on Turkish Gamers paying through mobile payments, Gamescom was the perfect opportunity to make the debut of  kooma∙looma for Games companies in general.


We decided we would exhibit at Gamescom in April 2016. Preparation involved 3 Groups of activities:

  • Administration / Logistics: Application, selecting a good stand location, stand construction and of course accommodation;
  • Marketing: Stand design and decoration, BTL, demos and PR;
  • Business: scheduling the meetings, preparing ad-hoc pitches and presentations.

Design for the event

Our Stand and all the BTL materials were designed by a professional freelance designer with years of experience in agencies in London and New York. You can find more about her here: ngranati.myportfolio.com

Since this is our debut, and most of the companies had never even heard about us, we wanted to stand out from the crowd, yet maintain our corporate identity. We also wanted to use the stand to deliver strong messages and claims that could attract interest and position us for what we do.

Our Stand

The booth design of course was a very important topic. In may the first design concepts for our booth were developed:


By the end of June we had nailed it down to two design concepts.


We were quite undecided because we really liked both. In our opinion the concept on the right delivered a stronger visual impact, while the concept on the left was closer to our brand identity. So at the end we went for the one on the left since this was our debut in the Games Industry and we wanted to be as close as possible to our original brand colours and design.

On the 15th of August Koln Messe delivered us our stand.


And on the morning of the 16th the decoration works began.


Our stand was finally ready, and the show was ready to begin with kooma·looma at Gamescom 2016.


The Event

The first 2 days we were packed with business meetings all day, a meeting every 30 mins in our booth, from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm, which left us very little time to visit the rest of the show.


And between meetings we introduced our loyalty programme to visitors and answered their questions.



Some old friends passed by our stand to say hello.


But on the last day we found a moment to visit the rest of the trade sector and to visit a couple of halls of the consumer sector.

The show ended Friday around 4:00 pm. At least for us in the business sector. And Friday evening, very tired, but happy and satisfied we headed back home.


So we want to thank everyone that made this event such a big success for us. Special thanks go to:

  • The kooma team that attended the event and those that helped behind the scenes;
  • The designer of our stand and all our materials;
  • Our current and potential business partners that made the meetings so interesting and provided us with useful feedback;
  • Our ex-colleagues and our friends in the Industry we know since many years, that supported us by opening up relations and providing us feedback and ideas;
  • David, Franco, Marina, Nikola and all Kölnmesse team: that despite the incredibly big event in some way managed to make sure we, as exhibitors, get the support even for last minute needs or issues.

This was a very special event for us and we will continue to do our best to “Loyalize Users”. You can visit business.koomalooma.com to know more about our solution.