kooma·looma at Web Summit

We are back! After an intense week of follow ups and recaps (we aren’t actually over yet), here are some thoughts on the experience of kooma·looma at Web Summit 2015.

It was first of all a good opportunity to meet first of all fellow “startuppers” like us, to exchange experiences and ideas. This is probably the aspect we value most of the conference. The possibility to breathe “fresh air” in terms of ideas, experiences, learn from other people’s mistakes, observe other exhibitors and see what they do well (or what you should never do 🙂 ).

kooma·looma stand at Web Summit 2015

We came back from Dublin with:

  1. Greater comfort on the commercial interest in our business idea. We could see the change in the expressions of peers, potential partners or investors when we would talk to them. Their face was “are you really talking to me about another loyalty program?” and then after a few seconds it was “oh wow this change of paradigm you propose with kooma·looma and retroclaim is really cool”.  We are receiving follow-up requests for our API documentation and contracts. [If you want to learn more about what kooma·looma can do for your business or get in touch with us please visit business.koomalooma.com]
  2. A new target market for our program. Can’t disclose more at this stage, but this is what makes these kind of events great. We found a clear and identifiable group of companies that really need our product and we are going to make all the necessary adaptations to serve them quite soon.
  3. Some cool ideas on how to improve our marketing and communication.
  4. Great contacts. It isn’t only about the possibility to meet investors (which is important but we think is a bit overrated). It is more about meeting people that are, were or will be in your same situation, with which you can exchange favors, experiences, ideas. You might end up working for them one day, they could become your best business partner or who knows, maybe just cool friends with which you have something in common.
  5. Happiness, motivation and team spirit. Yes, these events break the daily start-up routines and increase our motivation (as if we weren’t motivated enough!!!) . At kooma·looma we are tech and innovation enthusiasts. We just loved walking around in the Machine Summit, checking out the latest drones (I will probably end up buying an Airdog), robots, brain sensor technologies, fitness gadgets, and innovations in e-health. It was also fun to meet the people behind the tools we use in our day to day work, like Trello. Dublin was a great city to stay in, we had great steaks, visited some nice bars with live music and enjoyed spending time together.
  6. A couple of extra pounds of weight :-). The steaks and burgers were actually a bit too good, and so were the beers.

So thanks Paddy, Jack, Patrick, Youssef and Web Summit team and volunteers for making it good for us.