kooma·looma – A new “Digital Coalition Loyalty” Startup is born

After a long incubation time, we finally decided to create our startup. We’re so excited that we want to share with you all the ‘behind the scenes’ of our journey: the difficulties that we need to overcome and the solutions that we’ll find, the sad and happy moments, the failures and the redemptions.

What you see…


Obviously to start we created a (great!) name and logo. We then decided a colors palette. This was very fun, since everyone likes to play with names, designs and colors… the hard part is to balance out all the elements to look professional, yet still approachable and friendly, to look new and fresh, yet still experienced. There is much more to say about our brand, but that will need a dedicated post.

We setup a “coming soon” landing page to collect some emails from interested users, even if we are still building our platform. One can easily guess that we want to create some “buzz” around us, but do you want to know the real reason? It’s because is very important for us to collect feedback and suggestions from “first adopter users”. By the way, you are more than welcome to join us here: http://prelaunch.koomalooma.com/en

We launched a new blog to keep you informed about what’s happening behind the scenes and giving you some insights of what we are building.

What you don’t see..

In the while, we had some conversation with some sponsors and investors, and until now we collected a lot of great excitement and interest about what we are building. We setup the accounts for the backoffice tools that we need… you can’t imagine how many tools you need, starting from domains registration, hosting, email accounts, source code repository, landing page creations, email promotion, campaigns tracking, budget control, project management, progress tracking, CRM… more on this in a next post.

What Next?

More posts coming in the next days, to cover our social media strategy, primarily Facebook. See you soon.