5 Trends in Gaming to Watch in 2018

5 Trends in Gaming to Watch in 2018

Gaming is an ever-growing industry. The video gaming business brings in almost double the revenue of the music and movie sectors combined. It is estimated that the industry has made $108.9 billion in 2017 alone. By 2023, that amount will increase almost 20 billion more.

Taking these facts into consideration, at koomalooma, we believe in the impact created by the games sector. We are willing to grasp the game-changing trends and developments in the industry and share the news with you. That’s why we decided to find out 5 Trends in Gaming to Watch in 2018:

Virtual Reality

Did you know that the origins of virtual reality reach back to early 1900? After the release of first VR headset in 1994, it became trendy as a computer-generated scenario and the VR experience became more and more popular in gaming along with the 3D cinema. VR is still a big opportunity for the gaming industry in 2018. This encouraged many games companies to develop more content that is suitable for the VR experience.

However, while creating a buzz in gaming, VR also brought some challenges due to the limited content and gadgets that are suitable for the complete experience. High prices are another reason retaining the majority of users from experiencing VR. On the other hand, based on the statistics, Augmented Reality, attracts a lot more users since the gadgets are more affordable and better responding to the complete gaming experience.



Mobile is a big world for gamers and it seems that the mobile sector will keep its popularity in the coming years. Thousands of new mobile games are released. Above all, users do enjoy touchscreen while gaming.

According to Andrew Webster from The Verge, The Room series, a mobile game that offers puzzle boxes, allow users to have a great experience with the touchscreen. If you are planning to focus on your mobile content this year, keep pushing!



Microtransaction is remarkably used in entertainments, especially in free-to-play mobile games. It provides gamers an option to pay in an easy format. However, there is an ongoing controversy between people who think microtransaction retains users and those who think that it actually pushes users away. For now, statistics show that microtransaction provides better results for companies for their free-to-play games.

While the debate goes on, developers can benefit from this way of controlling the payment process since it attracts players to pay for the extras such as adding new levels, characters, and items in the game. You can optimize your microtransaction plan and allow players of all budget ranges to play.

Retro Gaming

The quality of the games increased enormously. The graphics and content of the games are wonderfully designed by developers. In the meanwhile, we are in a period where consumers enjoy using retro products as in many sectors.

The same trend goes for gaming as well. There are many retro games like remakes of Super Mario Bros., Tomb Raider, and even the lovely Snake we used to play on our mobile phones. If you are developing a game, you can think about ways of adding subcultural facts and figures from the 80s and 90s.


Loyalty Gamification

Loyalty programs are revolutionizing the games industry in recent years. The main reason behind this effect is the rewarding process. How does it work with a loyalty program? Let’s take the example of a loyalty solution that allows users to earn points, by, let’s say, playing online games through social media. The user plays the game. Once the points are collected by the user, it can be redeemed via real-world rewards such as gift cards or call credits via the loyalty program.

Knowing that they will receive a reward while enjoying their games, users are more engaged with the brand which encourages higher customer retention. If you are interested to learn more about customer retention, you can visit our blog. In one of our studies, we looked at 3 Unique Ways to Increase Customer Retention Rate.


All in all, as we just finished the first quarter of 2018, we have more months to see how 2018 will be shaped by these trends in the games industry. You can upgrade your business plan by taking these trends into consideration to attract more customers and retain them.

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